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We believe that film can help communicate complicated messages in a very simple and effective way.

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South London YMCA

We made a series of videos for the SL YMCA based upon this single long promotional film. It shows the different services they offer as well as customer testimonials.

From this initial film we created 15 separate videos for them, breaking the long film down into smaller films usable for different funding applications and giving them longer versions of the customer testimonials to use as case study examples.

We are proud to say that the SL YMCA were so happy with the work that they have already commissioned more videos, based around offering direct help tutorial videos to their customers, and we will be making these in the new year.

City University SU: Green Dragons

City University Students union are running a programme to encourage their student body to come up with and implement environmental projects. They asked us to create a short promo based on a information heavy script with a 4 day turnaround from telephone call to completion. This is the end result.

They were happy enough with the results that we are being commissioned to make 15 students application films for the Green Dragons programme, as well as a new promotional video for the Student Union services as a whole.

Look Ahead Housing & Care: Resource Centre

As part of our ongoing contract with Look Ahead we have made a promotional film showing off the services on offer at their Resource Centre. Time and access to service users was limited and the script was information heavy so we used an approach utilising on screen text to draw attention to salient points and make the video feel more dynamic.

As well as being used as a promotional tool, the video was shown at their conference to bring awareness to the new service to members of staff and customers.

Oxleas NHS: LGB training films

We made a series of short films to be used for training staff about asking patients if they are lesbian, gay or Bi-Sexual. We approached each film in a different style, dependent upon the needs of the content, and here we have 4 of those films.

1) The first offers statements about the issue, delivered by staff from Oxleas. The style was chosen to suggest these are everyday thoughts being delivered as the staff go about their days.

2) The second is a doctor asking patients about their sexuality and possible scenarios as to how they will handle these questions. This was done with actors as a dramatised scene.

3) The third was relaying feedback from staff who had direct experience of the issues and concerns. As it was an information heavy piece we utilised text and images in order to make the video more engaging.

4) The fourth here was a short dramatised film based upon the real life experience of one of Oxleas’ patients. It was deliberately stylistic in order to make the information imparted more engaging.

The videos were used as a part of an e-learning package which has proven useful and been received well by staff.

Four sample videos:

Oxleas NHS: LGB awareness training films from Satori Media on Vimeo.

Arsenal in the Community: Shorts

We have just finished a set of 11 short films for Arsenal in the Community, where each film highlights the work they do in one specific project or session delivered in the local community. These projects range from Bowls for the elderly, to advanced training sessions for children and young people, through sessions for the disabled to a group which helps asylum seekers learn English and integrate into British society using football as a gateway.

The individual films are meant to show the services and help encourage people to become involved in the groups but can also be used by Arsenal to evidence work and help obtain subsequent funding. As an added bonus we made an abridged version of the films to use at an awards ceremony as well as to promote the work they do on their website and to funders. This short film was also used to show the work Arsenal in the Community do to UEFA officials visiting Arsenal to see the impact they have and the work they do.

All in all a job to be proud of, and it was lovely to shoot and witness so much good work being done in the local community. It was especially lovely to have been drenched with sun over the 3 weeks the films were shot which helped make the final films look great.

Abridged Promo version:

Four of the short films in one file:

Institute of Physics & Arsenal FC: school teaching resources

We have made a fair few films with Arsenal in the Community so were asked to help out when they made some short training resources with the Institute of Physics, aimed at explaining Physics to children and young people.

We shot end edited the films with the Arsenal Ladies’ players and graded and tweaked the material with the Arsenal first team players to improve the initial work and make all the films appear consistent.

All involved were thoroughly happy with the end results and we look forward to adding the Institute of Physics to our list of repeat clients.

Institute of Physics & Arsenal FC – How can you accelerate faster? from Satori Media on Vimeo.

Institute of Physics & Arsenal FC – How can you control a ball effectively? from Satori Media on Vimeo.

Mental health training films go national/Radio 4 mention

Just a quick follow up on the training films. Geraldine Strathdee, lead on delivery of the films, had the opportunity to mention the films during a Radio 4 interview. In addition, as well as all 32 Met boroughs now using the DVDs to help train and inform their staff about how best to deal with taking people in on a Section 136, plans are no afoot for the DVDs to be available nationwide via the web.

Copies have also been requested by a Government minister (no name, sorry) and Lord Adebowale.

All told, very rewarding that our work is proving of such use and generating such interest. You can see one section of each of the films in the portfolio section.

Mental Health Act training films completed

We have now finished the two training film DVDs for the London Deanery, London Met and Oxleas NHS, and everyone is very proud of the results. Discussion is taking place with a government minister about wider dissemination and use of the two DVDs as training resources, especially for the police, with regards to how to handle patients with mental health issues.

We were very glad to be involved with this project and with the creative scope it, and our clients, allowed us. We are very proud of the end result. We used a more filmic and stylised approach to the project – using slow motion footage with retrospective voice overs from the actors and staff involved in the narrative – enabling us to impart a lot of information in a concise and dynamic manner which created a more engaging training video.

From two test pilots of the training DVDs the feedback has been incredibly good and demand for the DVDs to enable training on these areas of the mental health act is already high, which is really good to see.

Watch an extract from the Section 136 film below:

Watch an extract from the Section 17 film below:

London Deanery film about Mental Health Act

Am excited to announce we have been asked to make a training film about Section 136 of the Mental Health Act funded by the London Deanery.

It is quite a complex, and important, part of the Mental Health Act, which lends itself rather pleasingly to scope for creativity in the final output, which in turn makes this quite an exciting prospect and a film we are looking forward to. The act pertains to police powers to take in citizens who are showing signs of mental health issues and may be a harm to themselves or the public and delivering them to a suitable mental health unit and staff within the NHS, and addresses the correct protocol for achieving these aims.

Filming should happen around mid February and the final project completed by the end of March so hopefully something will be up on the site after then.

NHS film Shortlisted for London Deanery awards

We did a series of training films for Oxleas NHS this year and we have found out that they have been shortlisted for the Educational Impact award at the London Deanery ‘Excellence in Education Innovation awards’.

The winners are to be announced at their conference on December 17th and we have been invited to participate in the workshop being delivered at the conference by Oxleas NHS. Julian will be attending in order to talk a little about the logistical impact of making these films and to answer any questions other Trusts may have with regards to the process.

We will post again once we know who the winners are, but are very flattered to have been short listed in the first place.


Sadly we didn’t win the award we were shortlisted for but it was a good day and a good conference and the workshop we delivered went well. From my side of things we got some more work which was very pleasing and as an outsider the conference was actually quite interesting and I learnt about some areas of the NHS and psychiatry that I didn’t know. All told, good day.

Look Ahead Staff Awards 2012

In 2011 we were asked to do some films for the Look Ahead staff awards. We decided to ask the people who nominated the staff members to come in and tell us why they had nominated the nominees on camera. By all accounts it was a daunting proposition for those who had nominated, and though no one was broken by the end of things, Look Ahead decided 2012 should be different… just in case no one nominated anyone out of fear of having to be on camera.

This year we decided to take still images of the nominees and have them on screen whilst the nomination was read out. As that is a rather dull visual, we decided to use Motion and add a dash of animation to the process to try and make it more stylish and interesting. The feedback from Look Ahead was that it was a success. By using a very simple bit of animation there was a bit of an ‘oooh’ when the audience first saw the films.

All told it was a very successful day and Look Ahead were really pleased with what we had done: which, to be honest, made the extra effort worth it.

We still haven’t been nominated for an award yet though.

Islington Boat Club – Full Circle

After leaving TV and spending a year as a youth worker Jules came up with a video project idea for young people called Youth TV where he made a magazine style TV show on issues that were important to the young people involved. he made the first for free then sent it out trying to get paid work.

His first self employed job was for the Islington Boat Club where he made them a promotional video and a website for a rather small amount of money. He said it was a lot of fun to do and the IBC is a great youth provision offering great water activities as well as educational programmes, youth club and youth mentoring. It also began Satori Media, 10 years ago.

Recently Paul Anderson, the current manager, called us up and suggested it was time they had an update on the video, so 10 years after starting we are happily back at the Islington Boat Club making a new promo.

And if you happen to live near Angel, Islington and have kids, take them along. They have open sessions as well as booked grouped sessions, and kids love it.

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